My treatments inculde functional assessments before, sometimes during and after treatment. I may also provide you with therapeutic exercises to do at home between treatments.

The treatments I give are unique. I have synthesised my own techniques that come from learning from the best teachers and treating patients since 1999 - both at a traditional massage table and in warm water therapy pools.

In 2011 I immersed myself in the Travell method of Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy, and became certified in the technique. Later in 2017 I became a Fascial Fitness Trainer with Robert Schleip and Divo Müller. Today, I continue to study the latest research and active findings in the world of Fascial research and clinical practice.

Myofascial Therapy is advanced manual therapy that treats muscle AND the fascial structures that envelope them. 

As fascia is integrated throughout our bodies, even to the cellular level, Myofascial Therapy addresses the body as an interconnected whole, not individual parts. It is therapy that is proven with scientific research and day to day clinical experience.

During the treatment you will feel different types of pressure and will likely be asked to move or stretch. Many people report having a unique sense of both strong intensity and deep relaxation at the same time.

When I came to Sarah, I had been suffering with severe arm pain and probably the beginnings of carpal tunnel syndrome. Within the first few treatments, I had significant pain relief and I am firmly convinced she stopped the progression of this condition in its tracks.