Aquatic Bodywork is a general term used to describe any kind of manual therapy applied in a pool of warm water. The receiver is supported by the practitioner who applies massage, stretching & joint mobilizations to create a sense of overall well being and improved health - along the countless physical, mental and emotional benefits associated both with immersion in warm water and therapeutic touch.

As a registered practitioner in these techniques, a Healing Dance instructor and a body therapist of ~25 yrs, I am glad to offer sessions in the water and on the table at my home studio in Helsinge, Denmark.

WATSU®? Simply stated, Watsu is WATer shiatSU. It was created by Harold Dull in 1980 that combines the healing principles of Zen Shiatsu with immersion in warm water.

Healing Dance is a form of Aquatic Bodywork that evolved out of Watsu. Developed by Alexander George in 1993, it integrates the principles of movement (dance), rhythm and creativity. Healing Dance offers the receiver an experience of freedom in the water both above and below the surface.

I am interested in establishing one or more locations where I can offer individual Aquatic Bodywork sessions and teach courses to other professionals.

I am looking for pools that are 110-140 cm deep, 35ᐤ C and can accommodate 4-10 participants for courses. These kinds of pools are commonly made available by resorts and spas, rehabilitation centers, fitness studios, municipalities and private homes. I am eager to learn about any warm water facilities that are available in Denmark.