Body, Movement   & Breath

Experience health solutions that work with myofascial manual therapy, advanced movement techniques, and proven breathing methods.

You can relax knowing you are in the safe hands of an educated and experienced professional.

Healing naturally is possible...

If you are like me, you spend a lot of time, money and energy doing what you can to take care of your (and others') health. 

My approach is simple, practical and it works. I've done it myself. You can rely on my experience, knowledge, confidence and  enthusiasm.

Aquatic Bodywork is a powerful transformative experience. These educational courses designed specifically for  for aquatic bodyworkers, will accelerate your skills, deepen your knowledge and enrich each and every session you offer in water and on land.

Sarah Reynolds -Natural Therapeutics

Welcome to my homepage. My name is Sarah and I am an Amercan living in Helsinge, Denmark. You are welcome to come to my clinic for treatments or we can meet online for consultations. I will come to you and your group for Water Wise Trainings. I will also join your team to give treatments during your professional  Yoga, Healing, Meditation or Breath focused retreats.