Do pain and stress make everyday life UNBEARABLE?

Do you WORRY it will be that way forever?

Are you TIRED of wasting your energy on therapies that do not work or leave you feeling dissatisfied?



"Sarah's treatments are a safe, relaxing and

delightful way to experience pain relief."


Pain is complcated and can be a constant uphill struggle. I understand it in two ways: scientifically and intuitively.

The treatments I give are informed by current research in pain management and fascial anatomy and physiology. 


What is more, my hands listen and communicate with you, revealing pattens and restrictions that are problematic. You will be able to tell by what my hands are saying to you that I "get it."

See for your self!


I am a professional massage therapist with 25 years of experience applying alternative and complimentary manual therapy techniques.

I am RAB and certified practitioner of many forms of hands on healing.  I am a member of organizations that support scientific research and professionalism in the field.

I happily immerse myself in education - as an instructor and a student. Education, community and new experiences are the bedrock of a healthy hands-on vocation.


Whether you are receiving a treatment from me at my clinic or in a warm water pool, my therapy combines deep relaxation with advanced techniques that calm, delight and re-set the nervous system.

The pressure you will feel changes from light to deep and stays on the right side of your pain threshold. You will likely find it simultaneously stimulating and relaxing - even refreshing. 

My techniques work for pain relief, relaxation and for those who simply want a really good massage.




Neck and low back pain,

Myofascial pain syndrom,

Frozen shoulder, Fibromyalgia,

Complex regional pain syndrome

Cumulative trauma disorder,

Scoliosis, Carpal tunnel & thoracic outlet syndrome, Neurological Pain, Migraines & headaches

Sleep & 

Having trouble "turning out the lights?". Obsessive thinking and worrying makes it hard to get restorative sleep, complete simple tasks, and it intereferes with everyday communications at work and home.

The inability to calm down makes healing long term health concerns a struggle. My clinic and treatments are specifically designed to activiate your body's natural rest and de-stress responses.

Injury & Surgery

The Myofascial System (aka connective tissue) is integral to how we move and function. Injuries, surgeries and their residual scars can have long term effects that cause pain, impinge movement, breathing and, in fact, every other system.

Myofascial Therapy addresses these imbalances holistically - both in their acute or chronic phases.

Long Covid &

Extended Illness

Are you still recovering from COVID? COVID can exacerbate Myofascial Pain Syndrome along with a multitude of other issues.

Headaches, joint pain and stiffness, upper & lower respiratory problems, muscle achiness, fatigue and insomnia can all be relieved with hands on therapy.


Musicians, athletes, handworkers, programmers, knitters, gardeners..... who among us doesn't have some kind of strain related to repeated activity? I can help you identify root causes and offer alternatives.

Even when there's no easy answer, myofascial treatment restores balance and keeps you in the pain free zone.



Birth, growing pains, adolecence, pregnancy, mid-life and death are all natural transitions. While not pathological, they can be times of stress and significant physical change.

Massage gives great comfort, relieves pfysical pain and helps you and your loved ones move forward with ease. 


When I came to Sarah, I had been suffering with severe arm pain and the beginnings of carpal tunnel syndrome. Within the first few treatments, I had significant pain relief and I am firmly convinced she stopped the progression of this condition in its tracks. 


Sarah's treatments at her clinic and the warm water pool have a deep effect. I have had both treatments with the same good results. What a relief! I can absuolutely reccomend these treatments.


Sarah's treatments are an incredible healing experience. Her blend of intuition and expertise in multiple modalities is second to none. If you are fortunate enough to receive treatments from Sarah, you will know that you are in the hands of a master healer.


See for Your Self!

I help people enjoy thier lives with less pain and improved function. And yet, our bodies do not exist merely to get us from A to B.  We are sentient, dynamic and evolving. Our emotions, thoughts, dreams and sensations are constantly at play. We are responding, interacting, communicating within ourselves, to each other and the environment around us. 

Whether we are at my clinic or in the warm water pool, you will be safe to enjoy a symphony of sensation, a unique creation, a silent conversation, ease of inspiration and true relaxation.