Massage & Bodywork

Myofascial Therapy is advanced manual therapy that focuses on the fascial system which supports, encapsulates every anatomical structure, and provides a fascinating neural communication network. 

As fascia is integrated throughout our bodies, even at the cellular level, Myofascial Therapy addresses the body as an interconnected whole, not individual parts. It is therapy that is proven with scientific research and day to day clinical experience.

During the treatment you will feel different types of pressure and will likely be asked to move or stretch. Many people report having a unique sense of both strong intensity and deep relaxation at the same time.

Treatments inculde functional assessments before, during and after treatment. I also provide you with therapeutic exercises to do at home between treatments.

The treatments I give are unique, not routine or limited to a specific technqiue. I have synthesised my own techniques that come from learning from wonderful teachers and treating people since 1999 - both at a traditional massage table and in warm water therapy pools. There's nothing else like it, See for Yourself!

You have many choices when it comes to alternative treatment. At my cozy clinic - in addition to the heated treatment table - you will have a calm and quiet experience, without unnecessary conversation.

Whether it's bodywork, breath therapy or learning the healing arts with me - you will experience improved health for your body, mind and spirit. See for yourself!

Competencies & Influences

Massage Therapy

relaxes the body, quiets the mind, eases aches and pains and helps you feel connected

WATSU® & Healing Dance®

are two forms of aquatic bodywork, or massage and movement perfomrned in a pool of warm water

Pregnancy & Infant Massage

are advanced techniques to ease the discomforts commonly expereinced during and after pregnancy.

Infant massage is a unique way to bond wth your child and help them develop healthy sensory awareness.

Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy

is a established method of treating soft tissue dysfunction, limited range of motion and pain from trauma, injuries or accidents and postural patterns.

Fascial Fitness

is movement therapy that specifically leverages the latest in fascial research to develop the unique physiological characteristics of the fascia

Zone Therapy, Craniosacral, Rosen Method, Shiatsu, Energy Medicine, Structural Integration, Polarity & Hydrotherapy

are techniques I have studied and practice and intuitively weave their way into my treatments