Professional Education for Manual & Movement Therapists

Healing Dance®

Healing Dance® is an holistic, aquatic technique developed by Alexander George in 1993. The guiding philosophy of the work is that movement is the "medicine" and in the experience of "received dance" the healing process in the body is activated.

Visit The Healing Dance Instiute for more.

Aquanatomy: Anatomy for Aquatic Bodyworkers

Our journey is from textbook to  bodywork. Aquanatomy is 2 foundational courses in human anatomy specifically designed for Aquatic Bodyworkers. We dive into the deep end with anatomical language, learn through movement and come to feel the significance of knowing anatomy as we give and receive in the pool.

Aquatic Ethos

Ethics in Aquatic Therapy 

Ethos is the word meaning "character" that is used to describe the guiding beliefs or ideals that characterize a community or ideology. Ethics is the word we use to describe the beliefs by which behaviors can be judged as right or wrong. As a community, Aquatic Bodyworkers share common values, and have developed guidelines of behavior that protect the spirit of the work, as well everyone who participates.

semiAquatics : Massage & Bodywork

Bodywork essentials for those who have found themselves in the profession without formal training through a massage or bodywork program. We focus on quality of touch, the essence of therapeutic relationships, listenining and communication skills and hands on techniques that can be translated between land and water.

I tell anyone considering taking a class with Sarah to run, don’t walk, and sign up before the class fills. Sarah’s teaching is thorough, thoughtful, and truly heartfelt. You will come away enriched and excited to practice what you learn from her... and your clients will be ever so happy!

Laura Freed,

Co-founder Albuquerque School

of Healing Arts