Breathe Easy

I lived with asthma for 35 years. Countless drugs, emergency room visits, pneumonia, allergies, allergy tests, bronchitis, steroids, psychological therapy, relief inhalers.... my whole lfe revolved around these things. While they kept me alive (gratefully), they failed to improve my ability to breathe naturally.

Healing the Breath Requires Action

 After years of trying just about everything, I have collected a variety of techniques that I rely on and will share with you.

  • manual therapy to relax physical restrictions
  • specific breathing exercises to connect the nervous system, respiratory system and restore natural respiratory function
  • focusing & meditation for stress reduction
  • basic nutritional recommendations to redice inflammation
  • strategies for dealing with triggers and balance emotional upheaval

Simple Tools

Knowledge and Experience

Compassionate Support

I have done the breathing exercises many times since I was with you. It works...I barely coughed today. We went for a 10km walk - and I had no trouble breathing and almost no cough. I could even talk while walking. Thank you for your dedication and thoroughness.

~ Pia L.